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Got A New Air Compressor? 3 Ways To Take Great Care Of It

When you invest in a new air compressor, you want it to provide you with many hours of usage. An air compressor can last hundreds, if not thousands, of hours if you treat it right. Air compressors are complex pieces of machinery that need to be checked and attended to on a regular basis.

Way #1: Check the Oil Before Using

Many air compressors pump oil through their engines in order to operate. If you have an air compressor that uses oil, you should check the oil before you use it and make sure that the oil reserve is full. If it is not full, you should top it off before you get to work.

Additionally, you should log how many hours you use your air compressor and make sure you change the oil at the interval recommended in your owner's manual. For example, if your owner's manual recommends that you change the oil after 500 hours of usage, you want to track each set of 500 hours and be ready to change the oil at the end of that time period.

Way #2: Check the Intake Vent

In order to operate, your air compressor pulls in air from the environment through the air intake vents. Your air intake vents can easily accumulate a lot of dust and dirt on them as they filter the air that is pulled into your machine.

Before turning on your compressor, make sure the air intake vents are clean. In a dusty environment, they can get dirty really fast. If they are dirty, you can take the vents off and clean them before getting started with your work for the day.

Way #3: Check the Internal Air Filter

In addition to the air intake vent, your unit will have an internal air filter. You don't need to check the internal air filter every time before you use your unit, but you should check it every week or so if you use it on a daily basis.

Your unit will operate more smoothly if it has a clean air filter inside of it. When the filter gets dirty, your machine has to work harder to pull in air. When you notice a lot of grime on your filters, you need to change them out.

These are just three simple tasks that will help you get more usage out of your new air compressor. To learn more, contact a supplier near you.


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