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The Benefits Of Zinc Nickel Plating

Industrial plating is important in many industries, especially the automotive industry. However, you may not realize that there are actually many different types of plating methods, and they are not all created equal.

One of the very best types of plating is a combination method known as zinc nickel plating. This particular method can work for a wide range of different applications and offers a host of great benefits.

Corrosion Protection

To start with, zinc nickel plating is an excellent choice if corrosion is a concern.

While zinc plating on its own is prone to corrosion due to its natural properties, the addition of nickel keeps corrosion from happening. Thus, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the strength of zinc plating and the protection of nickel plating.

This is especially important in applications where aluminum, moisture, or various liquids will come into contact with the finished material, which can lead to corrosion and degradation.


Often, plated materials are subjected to very high temperatures. This can sometimes damage the plated product if it's not strong and protected against heat. And, unfortunately, these types of issues can lead to reduced product quality and customer satisfaction.

Zinc nickel plating, however, solves this problem. This is a type of plating that protects the material even after the plating process is complete.


As mentioned, zinc nickel plating is widely used in the automotive industry. However, it has many other applications and purposes as well. It can be used, for example, to create aerospace industry products, anchors, and much more.

If your company produces a wide range of different products and you want a plating method that will work for all or most of them, zinc nickel is likely your best bet.

Smoothness And Uniformity

Finally, if how the finished product looks is important to you, then zinc nickel plating is the perfect method. With this method, the end result is always very uniform and free of blisters or unsightly material deposits.

If your plated item needs to be smooth, even, and attractive, whether for a real purpose or just for aesthetics, zinc nickel plating is the perfect solution.

Obviously, zinc nickel plating is an excellent method. If you think it could work for your purposes, look into it or even give it a try. Chances are that once you experience zinc nickel plating and its many benefits, you'll never use another method again.

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