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Helpful Tips For Using Coolant With Live Tooling

If you run or work in a CNC machine shop, then you might be familiar with using live tooling for all sorts of jobs. You might already know a lot about using this equipment, but you might wonder if there is any advice out there about using coolant with live tooling. These are some of the things that you will probably need to know about using coolant with live tooling, if you don't know these things already.

Think About the Benefits

For one thing, if you have never bothered with using coolant with live tooling before, then you might not really think that it's necessary now. With some types of live tooling, however, it is actually critical to use coolant if you want the live tooling to work properly. With other types of live tooling, it isn't actually required to use coolant, but it's actually highly beneficial since it can help you keep your equipment from getting too hot and can help you keep your equipment running at its maximum performance.

Determine if It's Plumbed for Coolant

Next, you should take a look at the live tooling equipment that you have in your shop. Then, you can determine if it's plumbed for coolant already. If the appropriate plumbing is installed, then you will probably find that it's easy to implement the use of coolant. Otherwise, you may have to install the plumbing for coolant yourself, or you may have to make use of it in other ways.

Read the Manual

If you still have access to the manual for your live tooling equipment, you should check to see if it says anything about coolant. In many cases, the manual can provide a lot of valuable information about this and other things. For example, it can tell you about what type of coolant you should use with your machinery, and it can provide valuable information about how to use that coolant, too. For example, it might provide advice about the level of pressure that your coolant should have, and it might have recommendations about how frequently you should add additional coolant.

Making use of coolant with live tooling can be helpful and, in many cases, critical. You still might not know all about using live tooling, and you might still be unsure of how to make use of coolant with your live tooling. Luckily, though, the recommendations above can help you out.

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