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3 Tips To Create Great Lighting For Your Band Performance

Having the opportunity to perform on stage is every band's dream. In order to ensure that audience members are enjoying your band's performance, it's important to create a stunning visual aesthetic.

Lighting plays a big role in creating the right look for your band. Be sure that you understand the ins and outs of stage lighting so that you can rent the right equipment for your next performance.

1. Spotlight the Lead

The lead singer of any bander is often at the forefront of all performances. It's important that you draw the audience's attention to the lead so that they can engage with your band on a more emotional level. Spotlights are typically used to help generate focused attention on a lead singer.

You should consider the overall mood of your music, then select a spotlight color that complements this theme. Warm white or amber spotlights are great for generating an intimate and low-key vibe. A red spotlight might be a great choice for bands with fiery and upbeat music.

A lighting professional will be able to help you determine which spotlight will meet your needs when you rent your stage lights in the future.

2. Use Backdrop Lighting

You don't want to have a bunch of empty space behind your band while you are performing on stage. Backdrop lighting can be used to help fill in the space behind your band with an interesting and engaging light show.

PAR cans that are equipped with colored bulbs can be used to create solid or strobing backdrop lighting.

Another great option for background lighting is moving heads equipped with gobos. These types of lights allow you to project a shape onto the stage backdrop, which will create a more interesting and unique effect for your performance.

3. Add Some Movement

Stationary lighting can become monotonous for audience members to look at during a longer performance. In order to maintain audience interest, you need to incorporate movement into your lighting scheme.

Fixtures with moving heads can be rented from a lighting professional. Placing moving head fixtures at the sides and rear of the stage can create a dramatic effect. These lights will rapidly change color and direction throughout your performance. They can also create rotating or prism lights on cue.

Incorporating movement into your lighting scheme will give your hand's performance a high-end and professional look that your fans are sure to enjoy. For more information, reach out to a local light rental company, like Metro Sound & Lighting.

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