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Overhead Crain Getting Older? 2 Problems It Could Have

If you use an overhead crane for your company and it is getting older, you should know the types of issues you could have with it. Below are two problems it can have so you can get it fixed and working well again.

Problems With Wire Rope

One problem an overhead crane could have is with the wire rope. Over time this rope can become damaged or start to degrade. An overhead crane has a rope system where a wire rope is pulled around pulleys or drums. This allows the overhead crane to haul or hoist. The rope system uses a wire rope, which is generally galvanized or may be coated in zinc. 

If the rope starts having problems, the wire rope may jump out of the system, or it can cause a loss of support when it is hauling something. The connections at the end of the wire rope may be broken or corroded. All of this can be very dangerous.

If your overhead crane has wire rope problems, the rope should be changed immediately. It is good practice to have your employees check the wire rope before they start using the overhead crane each day. Once you get a new wire rope installed, make sure you lubricate it well. There is lubrication specially made for this rope. This will help reduce friction, which can help the wire rope last longer. 

Problems With Alignment 

Another problem you could have with your overhead crane is with alignment. Over time the crane may come out of alignment as it is being driven. If this happens, this can damage a lot of parts of your crane. You could have problems with the wheels wearing out much faster or problems with the wheel bearings and flanges. The motor drive and other parts will wear out faster if this problem is not taken care of. 

If your overhead crane is not aligned properly, you will notice it does not have as much power. This is especially true while you are driving the crane over uneven areas, such as on gravel. If you continue to drive the crane, this could lead to motor failure, which would stop the crane from working at all. You will also likely hear scraping sounds when you are driving the crane. 

As soon as you notice your overhead crane is having problems, take it to an overhead crane service to have it repaired.

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