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The Use Of An Extraction Tool

Hex head shoulder bolts and hex head cap screws are critical hardware pieces used in the construction industry. Damaged or improperly-installed hardware materials may be difficult or impossible to remove by hand. An extractor tool can be used to loosen and remove hardware that needs to be replaced.

Hardware Issues That May Require A Kit

Excessive weight loads or the improper use of hardware could result in threads becoming stripped. If hardware is overtightened or if inadequate tools are used to install hardware, a construction worker may need to remove and replace bolts and screws. A pair of pliers or a wrench may not efficiently loosen hardware. An extractor kit can be used to safely and efficiently remove hardware.

An Extractor Tool Kit

An extractor tool kit contains a series of drill bits. Each bit will contain a burnishing end and an extraction end. The burnishing end is designed to create a hole in the head of a shoulder bolt or a cap screw. The extraction end is designed to grasp the head of a shoulder bolt or cap screw. An extractor tool kit will be compatible to use with a cordless or corded drill.

A manufacturer of an extractor kit may recommend that an end-user wears protective eyewear when they are actively using a drill. Because a hole will be drilled into the top of a bolt or screw, there is a chance that small metal shards could break off. Safety goggles will protect the eyes during the drilling process.

The Removal Process

The drill bits that are included in a kit will be arranged by size. A drill bit that contains a burnishing end and an extraction end that are each smaller in size than the diameter of the bolt or screw head will need to be selected. When using the burnishing end to create a hole, a drill should be operated at a slow speed.

The drill bit will need to be pressed firmly into the head of a hex bolt or screw. After the drill bit tip is exchanged for one that contains an extraction end, a drill should be operated in reverse. As the tip of the extractor is pressed into the hole that the burnishing end made, the extractor will grip the sides of the metal head. The counterclockwise movement of the drill bit will effectively loosen the shoulder bolt or cap screw that is being removed.

For more information on hex head bolts, contact an industrial manufacturer near you.

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